SPM's Coming!

hello my followers,, sorry that its been long since i've updated me blog! been sick these past few days,, i should've took a test today but i haven't recovered from my flu.. now i having pain in my throat and it's killing me! urgh!! even swallowing my saliva would be hard.. let alone eating! huhu all in all, i have to endure it as much as i can..now i have to drink a lot.. then, going to the bathroom a lot.. hahah

by now,, it's gonna be a week away from the REAL SPM EXAMS!! huh! i'm getting nervous day by day.. only a few left till we (Form5) reached our birth-SPM-exam-day! there's no more time to goof off.. even i have to close all my intenet? *can i even go a day without it?* hhahah but it'll be the greatest joy to see my parents faces happy to see my results..hope that dream doesn't just stay as a dream! come on! it's time to close our FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS and start FACING OUR BOOKS! hahah

to all my friends,, i wish you the best of luck! all the best from me! muah! love u all!! heheh that's it for today..
see you guys on the next update! <3
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why do i even care? i mean nothing to you am i? so what gives? u think only you can have fun and break everyone's heart? hmm,.. don't think so.. fine ah! biar je la.. just gonna let it gooo...
LET IT GO FAR AWAY FROM MYSELF. don't wanna mess up my brain anymore.. i've got too much at hand. and haven't enough to lend it to you.. whatever dude! hope you're life sucks! bbllluuuueeeekkkk! :P
hate u BOY!
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hmm.. xtau nk ckp ape da...
exam truk la..
uhuhuhu byk yg trun! naseb la ade gak yg naek...
k,, nk ckp psl bnde laen plak.. sheila nie bknnyer ape..
sheila nk jage hati awk.. but awk igt bnde laen erk?

sheila xnk la gado2 nie.. cukup la due kali psl bnde yg same je...
since awk xnk sheila ggu hidup awk lg kn..
then lupekn la sheila..
xyah aggp sheila nie kwn awk lg..
klu cmtu kn lg senang hidup awk..
since da jd gtu,, sheila pn akn lupekn awk gak...
sheila pasni xkn tegur ape2 kslhn yg awk wt...
ok? u happy now? bb klu leh, sheila xnk gado2 hanye bb bnde yg same lg..
sheila bkn nyer coward.. just mls nk lyn klu bnde nie berlanjutan..

i waana let go everything bout you... so that u will live a happier life..
hope that u're satisfied.. k la... i'm out!
peace y'all! (>.<)(Y)
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sakit hati

hahahaha mau luah nie! sheila hari nie sungguh n tersgt lah sakit hati dgn ssorg nie!
sheila nie kn baek.. xpenah nk mgate org kn... tp xbermkne sheila xde prasaan k!
igt boleh pijak sheila cm karpet ke ape?!

haah! tp since mama ckp jgn maen api dgn api.. so sheila mls ckit nk ckp psl kau je..
sheila nk igt kn.. tlg jgn igt diri tu je penting.. igt2 la kt hati org len gak
wlupun hati kte yg akn tluka.. skali skala je.. sheila tau suara tu kuat..
tp xyah la nk jerit2 kt org kn? sume org ade name tau... jgn pggl org yg bukan2..
klu stakat nk gurau2 tu ok la.. tp klu da slalu,, sape suke? ape2 klu org tnye,,
jwb tu biarla ok2 ckit.. xyah la asyik cm nk mara org je..kdg2 tu xpe la...kdg2
mybe cara kte jwb tu akn wt org kecik hati.. so pk2 la lu bru jwb..
sheila minx maaf klu ape yg sheila ckp nie mmg kecikkn hati kau..
tp ni la hakikatnyer,,, just nk tlg jer... (tu niat nyer) arap2 ade juge prubhan ckit2
sheila xarapkn kau nk ubah sume dlm satu mase... but slowly la k..
just wanna help.. end of story.. hope u have a nice life.. bye ../

Just bcoz  my eyes doesnt cry.. doesnt mean my heart wont n i didnt get hurt..
Just bcoz i looked fine n strong.. doesnt mean i'm not fragile n nothing is wrong..
often i looked happy so that i dont have to explain why i'm sad to who'll never understand me...
smiling had always been easier than being sad and explainning urself why..
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ari nie tah la tibe2 rase sakit ati sgt...bb terpikir tntg sesuatu yg sheila slalu terlepas pndg! huh! skg bru sheila prasan n tgh rase mara sgt smpi tahap nk NANGIS la! huhuh penat la wei.. asyik nk jage hati org.. tp hati sndri skg da xleh nk control sume emosi! how i could i look at u and not realize that my feelings are beeing STEPPED ON,  SMUSH! and above all.. IGNORED!.

fine ah! nk sorok2 nnt xyah pggl org lg! maen la sorg2! mls nk lyan prangai .. igt die sorg je yg penting.. abz sheila nie?? i'm always behind u becoz i know i would catch u if u fall.. but now that i'm in front of u.. u wouldn't even care if i fall face down! hmmph! da la.. sheila nie bkn nyer jenis org yg kuat mara! sheila da nk lupekn sume nie.. n lepaskn! trial nk dkt da la.. wtpe sheila nk susah2 pikir kn kau je.. wt sakit ati je.. suke ati kau la nk wtpe skg.., sheila da mls nk ambik tau...

lebih baek sheila lyn kekasih sheila la drpd nk terPIKIRkan KAU je.. huh! puas hati nk lepas sume nie.. are even ready for trial?? >.< whatever loser! i'm not like u! that's the last STRAW i could take.. i don't want to stress my life thinking only bout u! i wanna get my own life back! i wanna be happy again! #damnit

i know this is harsh.. and i hope u change for the better! please GROW UP la!

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ape nk terjadi??

hey guys,,
been long since i last posted..this time,, i wanna pour my heart out..
skg nie sheila nk minx maaf kpd sesape yg penah sheila terkasar bhsa ke..
or terkutuk ke... sheila da xmo bende lame terjadi lg cm dulu...
cukup la klu skali je sheila lalui bende form2 tu..

btw.. i dont like fights! it'll just make things more worse...
like now and then.. there seems to be a misunderstanding between one another
and they're now not talking to each other...
i hope they will work it out soon enough.

(abz da luahan hati.. tkot klu ckp pape lbh kang susah! >.<)
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best day ever!

hey readers! 1st things 1st! HAPPY FASTING EVERYONE!
heheh lame xupdate kn.. hahah tah la... asyik terase nk tidur je akhir2 nie..
heheh yela penat pose kn.. bru2 nie (yeke.. bkn lame da?)
ops,, heheh just to say yg sheila ade phoshoot dgn satu klas!
best siot hangout dgn geng ramai2 (wlupun ade yg xde)
but all n all.. the pixs turn out great!
btw,, here's the pixs.. hope u all enjoy..

sume gurls + aiman hahaha

sebaris selang seli...


all gurls only!

klass photo!

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da siap ker?

hey u ols.. hahah aduh.. penat tul nk wt keje khusus nie..
tmbhan plak ade keje khusus yg bru! haa...
keje khusus admth plak..
hmm.. tambah lg keje..

cuti nie plak siap yg due tu je la..
tp keje skola yg berlambak tu xsentuh2 pn..
hahah abzlah start skola nnt..
mmg kene mara dgn ckgu la firstly..
huuuu help me...
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Dlm kekalutan menjawab add math pg td,,
terjadi plak kesash yg menyedih kan..
xsgke bende cmnie leh jd..
kesian yg xterkate..
sheila cume arap kwn sheila akn sentiasa dlm keadaan yg slmt..
n xkn jadi ape2 yg xdiingini..
please pray for those you care about...
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add math oh add math

haih,,, mmg xleh pas la kali nie...
nk cube hentam tp tkot plak slh jln...
haaa kte terpkse tggu je la result nyer nnt...
about 40% JE dpt jawab... yg len nyer...
majoriti 60% tlh pn dihentam @ di tggl
dlm ketas yg mmg result kte..

arap la dpt lepas??
hahaha xmgkin kut...
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mogok 13/5/2011

pada hari yg bersejarah nie,, telah diadakn mogok tntg ckgu jeya yg ter pkse pindah ats penipuan pngetua...
mmg menakotkn btul ble tgk dorg mogok2 nie...
smpi baling2 mercun ape sume..
mlm sblm mogok2 nie berlaku,, sheila ade tnye kt mk sheila..
ape akn jadi klu dorg mogk2 nie..

mak sheila ckp mybe dorg leh dikenakn DIMERIT ,, gantung skola..
n mcm2 lg lah! tkot ble sheila pk2 kn sume risiko yg kwn2 sheila nk freely kene..
sheila xbermksd nk henti kn korg dr mogok2 nie..
just nk korg tau ape akn jd klu mogok nie berterusan..

nk wt mogok/ demonstration.. da polis pn tibe kt skola kami utk pemerhatian
keadaan skola... akibat nyer.. xde sape leh stay back bb tkot wt mogok pas skola..
then nk mogok xnk ambk kertas plak.. yg rugi kte.. klu korg btul2 pk..
xde la ckgu nk tnda ketas byk2.. kte plak fail...

sekian sheila minx maaf jika ade yg terase or kecik ati..
bb the point is,, sheila tkot kwn2 sheila dilanda mslh..
dats why la sheila ckp je.. but ikut korg la nk wt ape strus nye..
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hey you guys! new entry coming!
hahah byk depress owh mggu nie...
cm sheila xdpt nk tgkp ati die sgt...
plus he's so bz these days..

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what to write??

lately i think that not only me but my frens and even my boyfriend are having the busiest week ever. this week wasn't a good week either for me.. as u all know, i went to japan for the last two weeks.. but can u believe that i didnt even recognise as the representative for the schooll.

wow.. that was a really an eye opener for me.. i never thought that it would become like this.. and becoz of this.. i am NOT ALLOWED to take any exams becoz i wasn't a representative for the school.
that really shooked me to every bones i have! how could they do this to me..!!

but atlast, i would just have accept what comes after that.. it's quite painfull that i cannot take the exams..
but all and all.. we have to face the music.!
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wahahahah... suda lame tidak post!!
hey guys! i'm back from japan! hahah
well it's great to be home in malaysia...
but i already miss japan!

i wanna go back! heheh if i have money or the chance to study at Tokyo.. i'll be there!
heheh i also missed my frens from the WAKA2 group! haha klakar kn name group!
mybe this is all i hve to write... lots of work needing to be done!
the report i still havent finished yet! i wonder if i will make it in time...
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ku hanye mampu sabar...

hai u guys! nmpk nye tajuk post kali agk sedeh kut?? haha xtau la.. ikut korg nk pk cmne,, stakat nie sheila cube utk xnk nanges..terase mata sheila mule berlinangan.. asyik terpk psl bad news yg tlah sheila terima ari nie.. but sorry ye.. sheila xdpt nk cte kt korg melalui post kali nie.. klu leh,, wt sementara wktu nie.. ape2 solan pn,, tolong tnye kt sheila sorg je ye.. bad news tu xmelibatkn sape2 kecuali sheila.

if u wanna ask me.. just say so.. but for the time being,, just now for this current week. cuz i'm still not up for ur questions bcoz i'm still gurting by it yet..terase lega plak ble tulis utk post nie.. hahah >_<" mybe sbb sheila da luah kn ape yg terpendam dlm hati sheila nie.. sheila harap sgt dpt bersabar.. korg pn tolong lah sokong n give a helping hand..

kpd kwn rapat sheila.. farique, wafi, eka, pyka, sarahadah n fyra,, i hope u guys are there for me alrite.. luv u so much!
k la.. dats all.. thanks for listening! ^_^
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