YONGSEO memoirs..

hey guys! long time its been since i last sat typing... hahaha so bru2 nie kwn sheila, WAFY, recomment tgk suatu realiti sho named "We Got Married!" hahah mmg gmpak lah! best sgt! xsgke sheila sronok tgk rncangan tu.. Dlm tv show nie die ade byk couple! Yang sheila dah tgk nie YONGSEO couple a.k.a GOGUMA couple! heheh goguma means 'sweet potato' btw,..

dorg mmg SWEET sgt tgk... plus my favourite idol from SNSD, SEOHYUN.. and vocalist CN BLUE, YONHWA. hehehe sheila da 'fell in love' dgn psgn nieh! credits to WAFY for giving me the idea to watch their journey.. heheh enjoy the pics of them together-gether..


a pic from their special episode where they had to go into a creepy school

a photoshoot that HYUN had to kiss YONG on the cheek! so sweet!

they called the GOGUMA couple bcause Hyun likes sweet potatoes!

one of their missions : sing a duet in a concert!

one of their wedding pics! <3

Yong putting their couple rings onto Hyun..

i cant help but wished that their relationship is stronger even behind the WGM.. hehe if u are interested, go to this website,Goguma Episodes.. where u can see all their journey, from begining till end.. <3

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