What's been going on?

hey there!! hahah again,, it's been a long time since i've updated this "old thing" heheheh
well.. i am now proudly in Sem2 of Matriculation,,, 
and a few months from now,, i will become an undergraduate student...
but will i ever pass my expectation of my parents, friends, or even myself?
huhu hopefully this upcoming result that is on this wednesday (5th Dis 2012)
waaaa! i'm trembling now!
huhu and also today,, i've just went to a carrier carnival with all sorts of universities ! can't choose where i want to go next,,,
its sounds so much fun and hardwork... huhuh
better start climbing now,, rather later i guess...

hurmm.,, hope that by the end of the year.. i can continue on with my studies,, so that i can repay my parents back for all the years that they've been taking care of me... huhuh I LOVE U MAMA.. I LOVE U DADDY...
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Matrikulasi Selangor

fuhhhh!!!! berhabuk nyer sheila punyer blog nie.. huuu kesian die.. meh lap ckit jap.. ilangkn sume habuk..
sejak masuk matrikulasi nie.. perghhh jgn ckp la.. keje mmg berlambak...
tdi n mkn pn kdg2 xmnentu sgt! haaha kurus la sheila.. :p
but all and all.. I have new friends and room mates to support me..
i also have and awesome vice president in my class,,
eventhough she's chinese,, but she's very nice..

In matriks,, i kinda miss my old pals.. my NUBELLIOUS.. my BESTIES from primary school
and the most of all.. my boyfreind.. hewhehehe Miss U So Much AYG!

kt sni sheila pn mmg kene tukar style blja (blja ikut mood >.<)
kpd yg lebih effecient and effective.. huuu... xpela la.. tu la die.. lumrah hidup..

hopefully sheila akn berjaya kt sni!
TARGET: 4.00 FLAT! hahahah

see u all until the next post!
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YONGSEO memoirs..

hey guys! long time its been since i last sat typing... hahaha so bru2 nie kwn sheila, WAFY, recomment tgk suatu realiti sho named "We Got Married!" hahah mmg gmpak lah! best sgt! xsgke sheila sronok tgk rncangan tu.. Dlm tv show nie die ade byk couple! Yang sheila dah tgk nie YONGSEO couple a.k.a GOGUMA couple! heheh goguma means 'sweet potato' btw,..

dorg mmg SWEET sgt tgk... plus my favourite idol from SNSD, SEOHYUN.. and vocalist CN BLUE, YONHWA. hehehe sheila da 'fell in love' dgn psgn nieh! credits to WAFY for giving me the idea to watch their journey.. heheh enjoy the pics of them together-gether..


a pic from their special episode where they had to go into a creepy school

a photoshoot that HYUN had to kiss YONG on the cheek! so sweet!

they called the GOGUMA couple bcause Hyun likes sweet potatoes!

one of their missions : sing a duet in a concert!

one of their wedding pics! <3

Yong putting their couple rings onto Hyun..

i cant help but wished that their relationship is stronger even behind the WGM.. hehe if u are interested, go to this website,Goguma Episodes.. where u can see all their journey, from begining till end.. <3

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