what to write??

lately i think that not only me but my frens and even my boyfriend are having the busiest week ever. this week wasn't a good week either for me.. as u all know, i went to japan for the last two weeks.. but can u believe that i didnt even recognise as the representative for the schooll.

wow.. that was a really an eye opener for me.. i never thought that it would become like this.. and becoz of this.. i am NOT ALLOWED to take any exams becoz i wasn't a representative for the school.
that really shooked me to every bones i have! how could they do this to me..!!

but atlast, i would just have accept what comes after that.. it's quite painfull that i cannot take the exams..
but all and all.. we have to face the music.!
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wahahahah... suda lame tidak post!!
hey guys! i'm back from japan! hahah
well it's great to be home in malaysia...
but i already miss japan!

i wanna go back! heheh if i have money or the chance to study at Tokyo.. i'll be there!
heheh i also missed my frens from the WAKA2 group! haha klakar kn name group!
mybe this is all i hve to write... lots of work needing to be done!
the report i still havent finished yet! i wonder if i will make it in time...
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