Hidup di UKM

heyy!! assalammualaikum to everybody here!
heheh seems like i've forgotten to update my blogger again..
*gently pat my blog*
you must've been lonely huh?
hahah well.. time for update on whats goin on..these are some pictures i would like to show you..

me and nana met while still orientation

me Lovely Roomate! Umai sara

the whole of 1st year student of KIY

For all of your info.. i'm already a UKM student, degree in Economics..sure economics is fine.. didn't know i would've end up towards the economy world.. seriusly.. going through with it seems like a bold move.. knowing that i have ZERO KNOWLEDGE about our loving Malaysia's economy it self... huhu but who knows i might succeed as well one day? hahah so for now,, i'm just going for it.. pray for me that all would be fine as i'm climbing towards this unknown road..

Plus, some Happy/Sad news,, my hubby right now is doing his practical work on his ship *EAGLE SAN DIEGO* which is an oil tank ship..(i think?) hahah he's been gone for like 20days now... but for me.. it's like way longer... hahah.. didn't know it was only 20 days up until now (just counted the days). hahah i sometimes feel silly... coz everyone is saying like : "laa.. baru 20 hari je... da rindu?" but you know.. i really do miss him a lot! he's always been there for me.. then suddenly he has to go away..

for a fact: It's hard to not TALK to someone that you've always talked to.. sometimes a picture isn't enough to satisfy your misses.. really i had no choice.. but to just pray that he'll always be in good health and that he is safe on his ship.

ok... that's enough about him now.. continuing about my life in UKM.. sure, it's been fun... i'm almost at the end of my 1st sem here! but fortunately.. my break is only about weeks.. hahah not like everybody else, who has like a month of vacation! really ! i want some relaxation too! but i guess certain things must wait 1st.. as the saying goes: "bersusah2 dahulu, bersenang2 kemudian" And that's a wrap! i'll try to keep my blog posted for new updates.. heheh hopefully in the nearest future! see you then!

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my status up until now.. hehe

heyyyy bloggers!
hahah long time since lastpost..susah betulnk catch up dgn sume nie..klu nk cite sumenyer , panjang la plak... huhhuweelll.. sheila pendekkan je la.. hahah

utk bulan 5, sheila just rehat with doing nothing at home.

me and fajrul went on a job hunting at MID VALLEY, surely on that day, i got accepted !
I will be working at MPH from now on.. then around the week before my Birthday came.. I got a surprise VISIT from MY HUBBY,FARIQUE!!! waaa.. mmg sronokla kn sheila.. hehe.. sayang sgt kt die! hikhik on the 21st JUNE, its my BIRTHDAY! naseb baek la sheila dpt cuti utk hari tuu..but  really a bit lonely,,cuz sheila spend sorg2 mule2 tu... then lepas smyg jumaat, bru la fajrul dtg.. heheh he's my bestfriend.. die teman kan sheila tgk movie!(WORLD WAR Z!)
waaa.. mmg gempak la cite tuu..

then in JULY,
which is now.. baru2 sheila ade kene mara dgn customer,, huhuh although it is my fault about the wrong information of the book. but it'snot my fault that the traffic was JAMMED or the parking lot was FULL. So, please accept my APOLOGY for not informing you about the traffic or even saving a parking space for you.. MY BAD. Certainly during this fasting month, i would be as patient as i can be with EVERYBODY knowing my mistakes here...huhuh Please let it just pass by without anymore problems..

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