rough times (2nd year i guess?)

hey guys and girls,

things have been pretty rough lately. sheila xsgke akan jadi cmnie. nape perlu kite gaduh? nape perlu kite jadi cmnie.? sheila rase sume blaku ats sbb slh faham je.. sheila cube utk memperbetulkan keadaan tp mlg nyer sheila xbdaya.. apa ptut sheila buat spaya sume baik semula? sheila xmenyebelahi sesiapa. from experience, i know it hurts so much as we try hard to not hurt other people's feelings while ours were being trampled, crushed and also broke into millions of pieces. I know it so well. I've known it until now. even now it is being hurt here and there. But i know now, even if my feelings get trampled and being tempered with, i would just let it slide. i know its stupid. yes it is. but that is just me. that is my way of blinding myself to not look into it too much so that it would hurt less. because i know, someday, there will be happiness awaiting for us.. for we do not know what is there to come. what is or has been written for us.

i guess that's how life sometimes knocks you down so hard that you will have to find and gather all your strength to get back up. i'm not saying i'm strong. i'm weak. very weak. from my point of view, i can see that many other people are stronger than me. so please. don't beat yourselves up. there is no benefit in going on like this. we are never alone. each and every one of us, has somebody. even you guys out there. if you ever need somebody, you know that i'll always be there for you. and you should be happy with what you have right now. good ones. bad ones. all of that can make us stronger each time we are tested.

i know i have no right to say any of this to you. but i just wanted you to know

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