SPM's Coming!

hello my followers,, sorry that its been long since i've updated me blog! been sick these past few days,, i should've took a test today but i haven't recovered from my flu.. now i having pain in my throat and it's killing me! urgh!! even swallowing my saliva would be hard.. let alone eating! huhu all in all, i have to endure it as much as i can..now i have to drink a lot.. then, going to the bathroom a lot.. hahah

by now,, it's gonna be a week away from the REAL SPM EXAMS!! huh! i'm getting nervous day by day.. only a few left till we (Form5) reached our birth-SPM-exam-day! there's no more time to goof off.. even i have to close all my intenet? *can i even go a day without it?* hhahah but it'll be the greatest joy to see my parents faces happy to see my results..hope that dream doesn't just stay as a dream! come on! it's time to close our FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS and start FACING OUR BOOKS! hahah

to all my friends,, i wish you the best of luck! all the best from me! muah! love u all!! heheh that's it for today..
see you guys on the next update! <3
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