How and Why

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening 
To all the boys and girls of the blogger world..

today i would like to share a bit of my feelings with you..
well.. this thing have been going on throughout my life..
doesn't matter where or always happen to me and i don't know why..
being together in a group has always been our trademark (various of friends and me)
don't know how and i don't know why,
but when it comes to being ignored or feel like left out.. has always been me..
or is it just my feelings overpowering my brain?

I can't figure it out what i'm doing wrong..
I've always been the talkative one in my group.. (but not always)
and so i need to ask.. what is it that i'm not doing that is making you all do this to me?
have i ever done wrong to you? (maybe once, but we've already settled it)
could it had been that i am not that kind of friend to you?
and i don't wanna do anything stupid as to either fool you or anything that can drive you away from me..

Am i not good enough to be acknowledged by your peers?
aren't we all good friends up until now? oh how am i confused..
will someone out there help me? i need some guidance...

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Sok Seh Sok Seh

How's it going everybody?

hahah well seems like today i caught a little cold.. been sneezing all day.. it won't stop dripping too (sorry if i made u grossed out) but really.. i can't concentrate on doing anything at all.. huhu my plugged nose is driving me crazy! and making me feel very lazy.. huhu hope that by the end of the day (that is before tomorrow), i will get better and get my job done..

it ain't easy being a UKM student.. huhu lots of things are jumbling up in my mind.. to the extend that i caught this cold.. huhu.. please pray for me.. and thanks for doing it (if u did prayed for me.. ahah :P)

until next time bloggers!
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