My busy Month

hey one, hey all!

seems like i've been busy a bit for this month. hmmph! mane tak nyer.. tgk la..dlm akhir bulan nie ade 2 program kene risau.. then due2 prog nie plak pegang jawatan. Satu pegang ketua, the other pegang publisiti plak.. due post yg berbeza with lots of work. mmg xleh nk ckp la.. kelam kabut dibuatnya kene setel kan umh yg nk buat prog.. the other kene buat poster, banner and bunting..huhuh i didn't i ever distribute this kind of work.. tarikh makin hari makin dekat.. aigoo.. mmg xsempat la nk handle due bende at the same time..
haha just nk ckp nie je for this post..

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News, Stress And Life

hey bloggers!
im back! hehe back with a more stressed-self than ever..!
u know.. sheila byk hadapi bende2 bru since sheila dtg ke ukm nie..
lots of new experiences.. new obstacles.. new beginings and ends,, haha
i don't know where to start.. i guess,,
sume bende da jadi kt sheila nie boleh dikatekan sume berpunca dari diri (perangai & personaliti) sendiri. sheila tau diri sheila nie dari dulu mmg camnie..
lepas kene tegur dgn kwn baik sheila.. yg btul2 kenal diri sheila nie.. tentang betapa butanye sheila pndg sume yg terjadi secara terang-terangan dpn mate sheila sendiri.. and like i'm trying SO HARD to be with anybody that really doesn't appreciate me..
sheila tau satu hari nnt.. mmg sheila kene ubah diri nie.. so that people can't step on me anymore.. but there is also a saying, "just be yourself" and "you can't satisfy EVERYBODY"
and so.. exactly.. which one should i do? is it that i have to change myself in order so that i will be stronger? or should i just be myself and just won't care what anybody thinks and say anymore?

my senior once said to me, "never care what anybody thinks about you cuz that can ruin your life. Careless is better, so that life is sweeter that way" 
after hearing all this.. i would reflect on myself.. but not even applying it to my life.. how could things get any easier than this? i can say that life is hard.. but without its obstacles.. you never know how hard life can hit you.. well,, if you have any advice for me.. please feel free to either comment or put ur thoughts in the chat box beside.

Again, thanx for hearing me out. i hope my post won't bore you bloggers out there! until next time then!

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How and Why

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening 
To all the boys and girls of the blogger world..

today i would like to share a bit of my feelings with you..
well.. this thing have been going on throughout my life..
doesn't matter where or always happen to me and i don't know why..
being together in a group has always been our trademark (various of friends and me)
don't know how and i don't know why,
but when it comes to being ignored or feel like left out.. has always been me..
or is it just my feelings overpowering my brain?

I can't figure it out what i'm doing wrong..
I've always been the talkative one in my group.. (but not always)
and so i need to ask.. what is it that i'm not doing that is making you all do this to me?
have i ever done wrong to you? (maybe once, but we've already settled it)
could it had been that i am not that kind of friend to you?
and i don't wanna do anything stupid as to either fool you or anything that can drive you away from me..

Am i not good enough to be acknowledged by your peers?
aren't we all good friends up until now? oh how am i confused..
will someone out there help me? i need some guidance...

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Sok Seh Sok Seh

How's it going everybody?

hahah well seems like today i caught a little cold.. been sneezing all day.. it won't stop dripping too (sorry if i made u grossed out) but really.. i can't concentrate on doing anything at all.. huhu my plugged nose is driving me crazy! and making me feel very lazy.. huhu hope that by the end of the day (that is before tomorrow), i will get better and get my job done..

it ain't easy being a UKM student.. huhu lots of things are jumbling up in my mind.. to the extend that i caught this cold.. huhu.. please pray for me.. and thanks for doing it (if u did prayed for me.. ahah :P)

until next time bloggers!
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Assalammualaikum and Ohayo-gozaimasu bloggers!

hehe once again I left my blog to collect dusts for me.. haha poor bloggie.. but its ok.. now that I'm back again.. I have u know that right now I'm already in my 2nd semester! haha time flew by without me knowing it..

by this time I should already received my results right? and I'm guessing many of you wanted to know what I got for my 1st semester.. well... drumroll please..! haha I got a solid 3.00.. I know.. its not as bad as it looks.. but it is to me! I mean all of my friends got at least near or more than 3.50! huhu I should've known I will get my result for my so-so STUDY.. I know now that I didn't did my best for the exams.. but now to worry.. for this 2nd sem, I will thrive myself through and through so that I won't have the same results..

for now.. things are all quite in a jumble.. huhu my work is a never-ending cycle.. finished one and another appears.. huhu guess that's university's life for you.. I'll try my best to finished it all.. oh! lets not forget, I, as the head of marketing for Temasya Highlanders, welcome you to come and join us at Kolej Ibrahim Yaakub, UKM, Bangi! on 21-23 March 2014..

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And that's all folks! haha until next time bloggers!

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