What's been going on?

hey there!! hahah again,, it's been a long time since i've updated this "old thing" heheheh
well.. i am now proudly in Sem2 of Matriculation,,, 
and a few months from now,, i will become an undergraduate student...
but will i ever pass my expectation of my parents, friends, or even myself?
huhu hopefully this upcoming result that is on this wednesday (5th Dis 2012)
waaaa! i'm trembling now!
huhu and also today,, i've just went to a carrier carnival with all sorts of universities ! can't choose where i want to go next,,,
its sounds so much fun and hardwork... huhuh
better start climbing now,, rather later i guess...

hurmm.,, hope that by the end of the year.. i can continue on with my studies,, so that i can repay my parents back for all the years that they've been taking care of me... huhuh I LOVE U MAMA.. I LOVE U DADDY...
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