My Tragic End to 2nd year

hey there!

well, if you must know, at the end of my 2nd year ended badly..not in terms of my education (it dropped down a bit but that's not the point). It ended bad in terms of my relation with people at my college. And that has been affecting me to survive the ends of my 2nd year of study. even though it did put a gap on some of the people i know close.. but it also strengthens my relationship with the people I rarely talked to. and thanks to that, i'd still be able to enjoy my college a bit. well.. not for long that is..

I kinda fought with some girls that i was suppose to be close with bcoz of what I told you in the previous post. and i did some provoking post on my facebook and ended up being called up. the main objective was to clear up everything that "they" don't understand about my accusations. well.. they were true anyways and its just that they want to put on "a good face" for the upperhands.. really? "THEY" wanted to meet up just to cover their sorry arses! they didn't even gave me the chance to say or even defend myself! and because they were so pushy about me being friends with them again.. i just gave up. I just don't want to get caught up with them anymore. I JUST DON'T CARE. They NEVER CARED anyways. "it was always for the greater good"..

puhleaseeee!! nobody believe that.. everyone knows about it! stop acting like nobody is noticing it! and that's the end of my 2nd year in ukm.

written by me.. who else?


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