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dear bloggers,

i hate to say it but IT BEEN A WHILE AGAIN. haha seems i like collecting dust on my blog. it has been ages since i've written a post. now that i'm like 'this', i wanted to write something. just so i can get it off my chest.

well, my freshmen year as a university girl, i thought it would be the highlight of my life. it seems so for the first half. things have been happening ever since i joined this kolej. i admit at first i was scared but slowly, things went on normally until one of my wing-mate found out something they shouldn't have known. and we kinda broke off the friendship just like that. i got so stressed out thinking bout them because i'd still had 2 and half years left to cope with them. and as things moved on, i finally got over them. things was starting to brighten up. then my 2nd year came up.

well, the 2nd year started off with a bang. like i'd suddenly have to do things, get involved into things. this is because i'd just landed on a job that i have to do it for the kolej. next thing i knew, i was busy all the time. every night is another meeting. well, i thought to myself again that i wouldn't have to lose any friends this time around. but my hope gone out too soon and this time, it was really my fault. i admit that i am the one at fault and i truly am sorry bout it. turns out it wasn't good enough and i ended up losing most of my friends. sure i have other friends at my faculty but it didn't matter once i stepped into kolej again. what was i supposed to do? living here become a lot stress and unbearable. and i just want to end my degree as soon as i can. because i cant take it anymore. i want to run away but i can't.. i'm still tied up to this kolej. my university life.. i've ruined it. i don't know what i have done that its until.. like i'm don't even cared to other people.

i'm still here guys?! can;t you see me anymore? was i that invisible to you? not even worth to find me if i had problems? is it my fault that i'm like this? maybe so.. and i hope my final year would be better off if i would just slowly disappear. no one would care. because i'm no value to them. why would anyone cared bout me? i'm nobody now.

and could only pray that i will be strong enough to hold out for my final year. wish me the best of luck? i could only hope so. thanks for reading this. it kinda feels better like this. that i've written what i would feel like. what life.. what university life has done to me..its been great.. for while. well.. thank u again. hope to see u soon.

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