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i have to admit that it has been a long time since i wrote. yet i kept leaving my blog unattended.. hahah my bad.. so here i wanted to continue the story of my university life at UKM.

At long last! My final year in UKM has arrived. well.. it ended already.. but here I am! To tell it again from the start of it! basically, if I would describe my final in a word is: LONELINESS. really? you didn't see that coming? well, check out my 2nd year right? see how it all went down the drain bcoz of my mistakes and no tolerance from "them". whatever. I have overcome it since they called me out.

for starters, my final year started off with a NEW ROOM & NEW ROOMMATE. and thank god i was good at begging (not actual begging) and pleading for a new room so that i could avoid anymore heartache from THEM. I prayed that i won't be experiencing anymore trouble for this year. And yes i got what i needed: SOME ALONE TIME FOR MYSELF. i guess it was a bliss that having a room mate that doesn't actually know me and aren't always in the room. I had the room all to myself almost all the time! man! talk about lonely. Well, at least I finally got my peace again without HER around to messed up my mind.I was very thankful that my room mate was a year older than me.. and very friendly i might say that.

In addition to that, I learned how to really live the university life with excluding all the college activities that i poured my heart into when I was in my 2nd year. when i say living.. I meant as in not worrying about my room mate or getting back late whatsoever. nobody cares! and i Liked it that way. i stayed in that room for only a semester. the next semester, i was starting my working life. which is not a stranger since I'll be working again at mph. i just don't know where to search anymore but since mph has given me a place.. then i'll work.

the 2nd semester of my final year was a breeze.. since i finished my thesis in the 1st semester.. i just had to focused on work. with all the reports done.. i finally can breathe! hah! You can say that to my other friends but not me... i had a problem with my credit hour and had to take a short semester IF I still wanted to GRAD this year. and i did.

well this turns out to be along post. so i'll continue my story in the next post! stay tuned..

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